Social Media Integration

Understanding Social Media

Everything we do online is being integrated and intermeshed into a unified platform that can drive traffic, generate leads and patients, and encourage high-value brand interactions. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the term that was coined by Rohit Bhargava and has since been taking on a life of its own. Many medical practices have been interested in how social networks or social media websites can help their practice gain notoriety. Glacial Multimedia Inc. takes a custom approach to Social Media Optimization for our practices.

Social Media Icons

Despite the fact that social media is now a prominent force in everyone’s daily lives, there still seems to be a lot of confusion associated with the concept of social media maintenance. Maintaining social media sites requires a lot more attention than just posting an article or a photo every once in a while to a Facebook or Twitter page. To make sure a social media site is working properly for your practice you must monitor it daily and post engaging content on a regular basis that will ensure followers keep coming back – and eventually turn into leads for your practice. Here at Glacial Multimedia, our Social Media Department works on a variety of different levels when it comes to properly maintaining clients’ social media sites.

Not only do we create custom graphics that reinforce the branding of our clients’ websites, we also take the time to find interesting and intriguing content to share with followers of the practice’s social media pages. Our Social Media Maintenance Department does all of the content research so clients don’t have to. Whether it’s an interesting article we find or write ourselves, we establish content to post; that way, staff at the practice isn’t wasting valuable time trying to come up with ideas to share on their social pages. We can also work with the client, however, to post anything new that is happening at the practice itself such as discounts, new locations, new doctors, etc.

Our Social Media Department is also constantly researching the technology behind social media pages themselves. This means that if something fundamentally changes on any social media site, which it often does, we have the capabilities and tools available to adjust and transform pages as needed. Along with posting content, our department also integrates many social sites together so that posting occurs on several sites at once. We also have the capability to assist clients in any sort of social media campaign, such as Facebook ads and contests for which we have created our own suite of customized Facebook Apps.

Another vital part of social media maintenance is monitoring pages not only to ensure that nothing inappropriate is posted to the site itself, but also to engage with followers who interact with posts. By monitoring these pages daily we are able to respond to both potential leads and reputation management issues in a prompt, friendly and informative manner. This communication between the social media page and followers is very important as this helps to ensure that non-followers will see this interaction between the page and fan. By communicating with fans of the page who engage with posts, we are able to ensure that non-fans see this interaction and understand that there is someone maintaining the page who is knowledgeable and courteous about the affairs being discussed and also that the page itself is worth visiting as there is, in fact, creative, interesting content to review.

Social Media can take many different forms, including text, images, audio, and video. Simply put, social Media integration can be a great compliment to medical website design and search engine optimization.

Some Social Media Projects For Glacial Multimedia Inc. currently include:

  • Facebook page development
  • Facebook advertising management
  • Twitter page development
  • LinkedIn page development
  • Google+ page development
  • Pinterest page development
  • FlickR page development
  • Custom Facebook Application development
  • Video submissions and proper tagging procedures to YouTube and other video websites
  • Applying medical practice Social Media Marketing
  • Post regular, engaging content to social media sites
  • Monitor social media sites, reputation management, and regular engagement with followers
  • Integrate social media sites with medical websites