Medical Paid Search Advertising (PPC)

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can guarantee your website appears on the first page of results for every applicable keyword search on Google and other search engines. To achieve the highest position, you bid against other advertisers for the same set of keywords or phrases. Careful planning and execution are necessary to manage budgets, optimize cost per click (CPC), and maximize site traffic and conversion rates. After years of experience in Paid Search Marketing, we have achieved success in using this as one of the top lead generating services for our clients.

We manage PPC keyword advertising campaigns to be used in tandem with custom designed landing pages with calls to action or main websites. Our keyword lists are custom developed based and matched according to targeted traffic. All traffic is tracked and reported on a monthly basis and delivered to clients by report via e-mail. Our Google Adwords and Bing Search Marketing PPC advertising campaigns are derived from extensive research based on competitive analysis and optimum keywords. The ultimate objective is to increase targeted traffic that will result in more business for our clients. Prior to starting this specific project, we work carefully to plan a list of goals in order to maximize the success of your campaign.


  • Monthly Management Services
  • Google Adwords Consulting
  • Bing Paid Search
  • Ad Copy Development
  • Lead Tracking (MDprospects optional)
  • Lead Storage System w/ Export Feature
  • Campaign Reporting

Success with Paid Search in Healthcare

Paid search has clearly proven itself as a serious lead generator with cost per lead numbers, typically lower than that of traditional marketing via radio, television, and print. It should be an important staple in your budget to maximize your leads. It’s hard for all of us to believe, but your position on Google is actually the most important part of your marketing plan.

Differentiating Cost Per Lead

At the end of the day cost per lead is the best way to determine effectiveness. Cost per lead is not something that Google Ad Words will compute because it does not have access to form submissions and calls. In order to calculate the cost per lead, you will need to know the monthly spend and the number of forms and phone calls generated from the landing page of a particular campaign. With our tracking system, it is easy to get this information.

Paid search can be very effective, but practices continually make poor decisions in this area and are faced with a higher than normal cost per lead. Please note that paid search will be the area that obtains the largest amount of marketing spending from American businesses in 2012. If your competition is doing this and you are not, then you need to reconsider this marketing method because you are simply losing opportunities.

Tips for Success with Medical Paid Search

Use Custom Designed Landing Pages with Offers

In our experience, custom landing pages tied to specific ad groups have a massive advantage over using a secondary page of your website. The reason why is simple! Custom landing pages have conversion factors built in. An example of a highly effective conversion factor is the self-test. From a 2011 MDprospects review, we were able to compute that self-tests get 6 conversions to every one for a standard contact form. Custom landing pages are also more engaging and can have well placed and designed videos right next to the custom call to action.

Get Some Human Eyes on the Project

You will be surprised what looking at your Google Adwords control panel can tell you. You can review your entire keyword strategy, see what terms attract the most attention, determine where the biggest part of your budget goes and even see the system metrics of impressions, cost per click, the amount spent, and click-through rate. Softwares are great and can be very helpful, but there is no evidence that software can manage paid search better than a human.

Use a Tracking to Determine Your Effectiveness

Do not rely on automated systems design to make all your numbers look good and do not strictly use the Google system to determine effectiveness. Track all of your calls and forms that come from paid search with independent tracking software. If you want real answers and real success you must determine your cost per lead. There are various systems that have this capability.

Understand Your Lead Threshold

With every market and every paid search campaign, there is a threshold minimum spend that will dramatically increase your lead totals. If you spend less than this amount your lead total may be weak but if you spend more you will see larger amounts of leads. It is important to analyze this and predict where this level is in your market for your products and services. Being conservative here is not necessarily the right approach, but neither is excessive spending. Test a few different budgets and analyze the results. Once again, tracking systems will be useful in this case.